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CANCELLATION: Please note that due to concerns and unknowns about continued Covid-19
precautions, our Memorial Day Observance is cancelled, which would have been held on Sunday, May
24, 2020. Additionally, Meetings of the Board of Management have been postponed until Fall, 2020. The
Park Avenue Armory has been closed for some time and we have not yet received notice of when it will




The photo above was taken at The Seventh Regiment memorial on Fifth Avenue on Memorial Day, May 25th, 2020 and appeared in the New York Post, page 3 the following day. It shows Capt. John Mancini exchanging a salute with an interested young man.







There was an article in the Wall Street Journal recently dealing with the restoration of the Veterans' Room (A.K.A. the Tiffany Room) at the Seventh Regiment Armory.
Please go to this link for the full story:



We have ordered 100 embroidered regimental crests suitable for attachment to a blazer jacket pocket. Thisa is a very a very high quality product. The price will be $30.00 per crest.  Details for ordering are being worked out and will be posted here.


On the "Event Photos" page there are several photos from the Memorial Day ceremonies at the Armory and the Fifth Avenue Regimental memorial monument.  Just click on the tab above.


The "Gallery" page will show some recent photos taken at the Regiment's Civil War monument in Central Park.


There was an article in the Real Estate section of The New York Times on October 14, 2012 about the Seventh Regiment Armory. It makes for interesting reading.  You can get to the article by clicking on the link just below:



As we build the web site you will be able to get information here about events meetings and other announcements.

Check the "EVENTS"  tab above for information about upcoming events. Please note that the dates of some upcoming dates have changed.


To see the IRS form #990 dealing with the Non-profit status of THE SEVENTH REGIMENT FUND, please click on the tab for "ATTACHED DOCUMENTS" above and then click on the tab for the sub-page "IRS Form #990".  Follow the instructions to download, print or view this full document.



Please check back periodically for revised and additional information.

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