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Veterans' Day - November 11, 2019


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Fifth Avenue Seventh Regiment monument

Bob Peterson in his Old Guard regalia


Pass in review:
We sadly note the passing of one of our most loyal members, Robert Peterson

LTC(R) Robert "Bob" Peterson was a member of the Seventh Regiment and the Veterans of the Seventh Regiment, as boy and man, for 72 years.  We are so sorry to hear of Bob's passing. He lightened every heart he came in contact with.  He was such a cheerful presence and so loyal to his organizations (as he was to his family).  He would come to onerous Veteran's events with Emil even when nobody else showed up.


  When we had to move the Veterans property from the formerly HUGE space they had in the Armory to a much reduced space downstairs, Bod and Emil showed up EVERY DAY even though we couldn't let them do heavy lifting.  They came to SHOW UP and they stayed with us and sat on chairs and gave great moral support.


  Bob had irrepressible good will.  When I was showing Bob some photos from 1865, when the Veterans accompanied the regular regimental troops to the Civil War Bob pointed out a couple of people in the antique photos and said, "Oh look, there's me and Emil - I was just a boy then!"  And when he was shown photos of the regiment doing gymnastics and feats of strength to amuse other troops during Civil War service, I asked Bob, "Isn't this amazing?"  Bob took it in stride, saying "Oh yes - before television." 


The Veterans honored Bob at their Hindenburg Line Dinner in the Park Avenue Armory on October 14, 2017.  Some of the remarks were, "Bob Peterson joined the Seventh Regiment in 1947.  He was a member of "L" Company for 10 years.  He was a member of the 7th Regiment Honor Guard.  He has been an active member of the Veterans of the Seventh Regiment for SIXTY (now SIXTY-TWO) years.  He is also a member of The Old Guard of the City of New York.  He has served as the Veteran’s Regimental Chaplain, he has served as our Asst. Treasurer.  Bob never married.  When a good friend passed away, Bob became the surrogate parent to the friend’s children.  Bob dotes on his nieces and nephews and his adopted children.  Bob is unfailingly cheerful and for years and years when the Veterans had work to do, no matter how menial, Bob was there.  Bob came to every meeting and lightened every heart.  We salute LTC(R) Robert "Bob" Peterson.






There was an article in the Wall Street Journal recently dealing with the restoration of the Veterans' Room (A.K.A. the Tiffany Room) at the Seventh Regiment Armory.
Please go to this link for the full story:



We have ordered 100 embroidered regimental crests suitable for attachment to a blazer jacket pocket. Thisa is a very a very high quality product. The price will be $30.00 per crest.  Details for ordering are being worked out and will be posted here.


On the "Event Photos" page there are several photos from the Memorial Day ceremonies at the Armory and the Fifth Avenue Regimental memorial monument.  Just click on the tab above.


The "Gallery" page will show some recent photos taken at the Regiment's Civil War monument in Central Park.


There was an article in the Real Estate section of The New York Times on October 14, 2012 about the Seventh Regiment Armory. It makes for interesting reading.  You can get to the article by clicking on the link just below:



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