7th Regiment Veteran's - Annual Meeting 2023

Great Comraderie followed by dinner.

Photos courtesy of 1SG Santos Diaz.

Veterans' Day - November 11, 2022

Memorial Day May 31, 2022

There was a ceremony for Memorial Day at the 7th Regiment Armory

and at the 7th Regiment Memorial on Fifth Avenue and 66th Street

Here are a some photos courtesy of 1SG Santos Diaz



France, 2019

Providence chose to play a hand in The Seventh Regiment's Hindenburg monument Dedication Service.  General Robert Glacel fully expected a small Dedication Ceremony at the 107ths Monument Ceremony which would only include himself; the Halle family and a few friends and locals. 


But Providence was to prove otherwise.  Shortly before, Bob was to learn that a group of officers and noncoms were visiting American battlefields and Cemetaries on behalf of the 42nd Division and the 27th Brigade NYARNG.  Suddenly the Dedication Service included a Uniformed Color Guard with some of the soldiers wearing the same Unit patch that was worn by the men of the 107th Infantry Regiment on that battlefield one hundred years earlier.  Please see the photos below.



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